Walton And Johnson

Walton And Johnson

The legacy of the Walton & Johnson show continues after 4 decades as Steve Johnson hosts with longtime producer Kenny Webster. The show is a mix of...Full Bio

Did someone say Hollywood sucks!?

Are we finally getting revenge for 2022?

This podcast edition of Kenny Webster’s Pursuit of Happiness features comedian Tim Mathis and journalist Holly Hansen.  ( @KennethRWebster )

Is Mitt Romney trying to get attention again - THU 5A

Toilet licking in the name of Ukraine - THU 6A

Is Biden serious about this debate - THU 7A

What is the code of defecation - THU 8A

Is Stormy Daniels still a sex symbol - THU 9A

Texas doesn't get the press

Kenny Webster interviews  journalist Tony Ortiz.

Will Biden debate Trump?

Kenny Webster interviews Power the Future's Daniel Turner.

Have we heard the last of the Stormy Daniels hush money case?

This podcast edition of Kenny Webster's Pursuit of Happiness features journalist Tony Ortiz, comedian Theo M.E. Taylor, and Power the Future's Daniel Turner.  ( @KennethRWebster )