Jimmy Kimmel Fooled People Into Thinking Kid Rock Won A Senate Seat

Jimmel Kimmel and his late-night crew are quite the liars and they know it, so the show's television crew took to the streets of Hollywood to fool people into thinking that Kid Rock won a Michigan Senate seat in their always comical series, "Lie Witness News."

During the Tuesday night (November 6) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the crew played off the rap/rock star's publicity stunt, where he convinced folks that he was running for Senate in 2017. It was the starting point to question how people would react if he actually did run — and win. In the two-minute segment, an interviewer talks with several street-goers and confuses them to the max. "I did hear a little bit about it today in the morning," one person tells the camera after hearing the news. "I didn't go too much into detail, but I did see it on my phone." 

Not only does the interviewer show the viewers a fake CNN report where Rock gives a victory speech using footage from one of his concerts, but they also hear of the reports that the star is set on lowering the scratch-off age to 10 and how he wants to legalize and tax crystal meth. Yes, you read that correctly. It just goes to show you that people will believe absolutely anything these days.

Rock hasn't publically responded to the prank, but we're guessing that a tweet might come Kimmel's way. In the meantime, we have to give it up for the real winner of the night, Debbie Stabenow, who won the Michigan Senate race!

Photo: Getty Images