Born: Spartanburg, South Carolina Places I've Lived: I was an Air Force brat, so I've been all over...Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, Galesburg, Illinois, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, Cordell, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. But *home* is Inman, SC. Got In to radio: After seeing and meeting my favorite DJ while he was on the air during a high school field trip. Favorite Sports Teams: Miami Dolphins, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta (and Mississippi!) Braves, and the Interstate Batteries #18 car Favorite Place on Earth: Orlando, FL most of the time, except Thanksgiving. Then, it's home with the family in Inman, SC. Favorite Concert Experience: In 1992, Peter Christian and I saw U2 live at Legion Field. Best. Show. Ever. Correction! Again, it was Christian and me at ACDC last October in the New Orleans Arena. My ears are still ringing!Second favorite - 1974, dancing on tables at a show by Toby King and The Chocolate Buttermilk Band. The Midnight Sun, Spartanburg, SC. (Come to think of it, maybe we didn't enjoy Toby as much as we enjoyed all those tequila sunrises that were so popular back then...)What do you do when not on air: I cook! I love to get in the kitchen and play. Favorite Movies: Well, my all time favorite is the original "Alien". No, really. It's a great movie, and I know every line by heart. Other than that, I'll pretty much watch all types, but especially good foreign and independent films. Thanks to the guy who invented Netflix! And to John Neilsen, my off-beat-film buddy. Favorite Bands: Beatles. Eagles. Tom Petty. Toby King and the Chocolate Buttermilk Band. Favorite resturaunts: Does a Stamps Burger count? That's about the finest burger money can buy, isn't it? I really like Emeril's in Orlando, FL, too, and try to eat there whenever I'm there. Favorite thing to do when no one is looking: Trust me. Somebody's *always* looking... I'm going to hell because one time I...: ...actually admit that I drank tequila sunrises. Great song, yes, but the drink? How did an entire generation choke down all that grenadine? Favorite Websites: Drudge Report, because I'm a news junkie. FoodTV.com, for recipes and ideas. Miami Dolphins-dot-com, to see if we've traded Ricky Williams to Oakland yet. And lots and lots of blogs...the stuff some people will post amuses and amazes me... Favorite Comedians: I love the usual cast of characters that appear with John Boy and Billy...Killer Beaz, Tim Wilson, Rodney Carrington, James Gregory, the Blue Collar Guys...oh, and Dave Chappelle. He kills me. Best Bar in Jackson: The Boat House at Lake Caroline. Lots of ice cold beer, plenty of tequila. And not a bottle of grenadine anywhere on the premises! (I will always miss The Dock. Loved those St. Paddy's Weekend crawfish boils back in the early 90's.)