A Guy Leaves His One-Year-Old Twins in the Car . . . While He Has Sex Behind a Building



A 47-year-old guy in Virginia left his one-year-old twin daughters in a hot car last week . . . so he could have sex with a woman.







Someone's Terrorizing a Neighborhood in Oregon by Vandalizing Cars With Pastries



One time they smeared a maple bar on a car.Another time they left some donuts on a windshield.Then one time they moved away from pastries and dumped potato salad on a car.Overall, at least a DOZEN cars have been vandalized with food.








A Burglar Is Busted When He Accidentally Drops His Prison Release Papers at the Scene



And the first thing he did once he got out was . . . break into a hair salon to rob the place.He stole almost $10,000 worth of equipment plus a few iPads.









A Guy Ran Inside a Building to Hide from the Cops . . . But It Turned Out to Be a Police Academy



Naturally, he was outnumbered and arrested.