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(Yahoo!) - Reality rocker Bret Michaels is looking back and remembering that grand time when he and Charlie Sheen were partying in the '90s and destroying hotel rooms. Ah, those were the days, right?

"One thing I did help Charlie with … he was trying to destroy a hotel room in Orlando," Michaels told Huff Post Live. "He was having a little trouble with one of the big vases … I lifted this Ming vase, or whatever the hell it was. It was huge. He was struggling a little bit with it. So we smashed it … You can't throw it on the carpet, that's pointless. We went over to a much harder surface, a nice Travertine Tile and smashed it down. It shattered. It was great. We split the bill on that, by the way. We were even Steven."

But that wasn't the only thing the duo smashed. The "Poison" singer also revealed he broke his guitar, and explained why it's such a relief to go around trashing things.

"It just feels good sometimes to destroy something provided you pay for it," he confessed. "I know it's my guitar, I know it's my own thing."

Check out the video to find out what else the rock star had to say about their destructive escapades.


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