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Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard has announced plans to release his first solo album in eleven years.  The guitarist will put out Moonlander the follow-up to 2001's Bayleaf, on June 25th. 

According to, Gossard says he spent the past year picking his favorites from all the demos and recordings that didn't end up on a Pearl Jam record or something from his other side project, Brad. 

The resulting album features a number of guest musicians including Gossard's Pearl Jam bandmate Matt Cameron, Brad's Regan Hagar, singer-songwriter Pete Droge, and others.  A new track from "Moonlander" will premiere at every Tuesday, starting this week with the first single "I Need Something Different." 

In the meantime, fans can also pre-order "Apollo," which is the first of two EPs from Gossard featuring four songs taken from "Moonlander."  "Apollo" will be released via iTunes on May 7th, while part two, "Luna," will be out on June 4th. 

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