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(Yahoo!) - Paul McCartney isn't officially scheduled to play Manchester, Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival until 9pm Friday night. But on Thursday, the first day of the fest, he delighted a small gathering of lookie-loos and nearby campers when he hit the darkened main stage for a surprise soundcheck.

Around 9pm Thursday, the revered Beatle and Bonnaroo headliner prepared for his Friday set with an unannounced, 30-minute run-through of such classics as "Let It Be," "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite," "Lady Madonna," "Magical Mystery Tour," "Eight Days a Week," and "Penny Lane," while the spectators who'd unwittingly stumbled upon a Macca mini-concert stared on in astonishment.

Sample tweets from elated fans included: "I just sobbed listening to @PaulMcCartney 's SOUNDCHECK imagine me tomorrow night"; "You know when a soundcheck isn't just a soundcheck...when it's @PaulMcCartney!"; "Watching Paul McCartney sound check, about to cry"; "Listening to Paul McCartney sound check is infinitely more important than anything else I had planned for tonight"; and "Oh man, @PaulMcCartney was amazing as expected. Oh, wait, only the sound check? ;) basically DOUBLE Paul?!?! I love #bonnaroo."

Music site The Bluegrass Sitch later tweeted: "Best show at @Bonnaroo so far?? PAUL MCCARTNEY'S SOUND CHECK."

A handful of grainy Vines (seen above) and Instagram photos hit the web following Paul's surprise appearance, but you can watch his official concert Friday night with crystal clarity from 9-11:30pm CT in the livestream player!


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