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Michael Schenker's Temple Of Rock is having to start over on their next album.  Singer Doogie White says in a new Facebook post that while police continue their investigation into the studio break-in, the group has started re-recording their next album.  He explains that they're "up and running again albeit a bit behind," but plan on having their new album ready for release next year. 

The burglary occurred over the weekend at the Kidroom Studios in Greven, Germany, where the band has been working on their next album, Spirit on a Mission. The thieves got away with the hard drives containing their recordings as well as a computer where they were storing back-up copies of the material.  Several guitars were also stolen, including Michael's custom Dean Chrome V guitar. 

White tells Classic Rock magazine they really don't see themselves as having many options other than to "knuckle down and get on with what needs to be done."  But he says he thinks there's a chance they'll get the guitars back.  He explains that the instruments are so unique that "any reputable dealer will know they're stolen," so the thieves should have a tough time trying to sell them. 

Photo: Getty Images