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While Judas Priest's recently released DVD "Epitaph" was being called a document of the band's final concert of their farewell to the road, frontman Rob Halford admits that's not really the case.  He says in a recent radio interview that as band members "got into gear again" they suddenly realized that now there were more opportunities opening up - especially with new guitarist Richie Faulkner on board.  The rocker says the May 2011 show captured on "Epitaph" just marks the end of the way they had been touring for the past 30-plus years.

Halford explains that now, if Judas Priest launches a world tour in Europe they'll take a break before jumping on a plane and going straight to New York to start an American tour.  He says they feel a big responsibility to their fans, and admits that as they get older they're finding they need to give themselves a bit of space to recharg" so they'll be able to keep that special feeling that Priest always wants to generate when we go on stage.  But Rob promises that Judas Priest is still going to be going out there.

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