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Alice Cooper is sharing his wisdom and experience in an effort to keep people playing guitar.  The singer is the "rock therapist" for Fretlight Guitar, and is featured in a series of satirical spots for their "Quitters Anonymous" campaign.  In his first video, which premiered this week on, Cooper names Jeff Beck the best guitarist ever.  He says the British star was a phenomenal player as a teenager, and over the years has only become better.  Alice recalls seeing Beck back in the '60s to illustrate just how great Beck was back then. 

Cooper tells "Rolling Stone" he signed on with the company for a few reasons.  He explains that Fretlight is willing to work with him to make sure the spots are not only funny but also capture his sense of humor.  He also thinks the company has a good product.  Fretlight's instrument helps people learn the guitar by lighting up when they hit each chord correctly.  Cooper says he showed it to the guitarists in his band, and when they gave it "the cool thumb's up" he agreed to represent the company.  Additional information is available at and 

Cooper also admits he wishes he hadn't given up the guitar himself.  He says he quit playing in his early 20s because he was always totally surrounded with really accomplished guitarists, so there was no reason for him to play.  Alice explains that he decided to focus on song lyrics and his character instead. 

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