(Yahoo!) - Justin Bieber and other celebs who’ve been less than gracious to their fans should take note.

Zac Efron, 26, encountered one of his loyal supporters on Wednesday and was so touched that he posted a kind message on Facebook about it afterward. Talk about a sweetheart!

The lucky lady, Kirby Koo, met Efron when he stopped by her office, the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California, to promote his new comedy, "That Awkward Moment."

The handsome actor posted a photo of the two embracing with a few words that feel like they could have been taken right out of the script of a Nicholas Sparks movie. (Perhaps Zac was inspired by his role in the 2012 movie "The Lucky One," which is based on a Sparks book!)

Of course, Koo, who's undoubtedly the envy of Efron fans everywhere tonight, responded.

"Zac, I am so incredibly touched by your note," she wrote. "Meeting you was always the dream, but I never could have imagined that you would respond with such genuine kindness and literally open arms. The impact you and your talent have had on me and so many millions of others should never be underestimated. Beyond the actor, thank you for being such a warm, generous person and I’d be humbled to consider you a friend."

No word yet on how many times she typed those eloquent lines before posting!