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Happy fourth of July from Lea Michele.

The ‘official’ "Glee" hacker tops its second successful hack this week. First, Chris Colferand now Michele? Aw come on!

Colfer’s Twitter account was hacked. The star ‘announced’ that he will not be returning to the show’s next season and will explain himself in the near future. While hearts were broken and fans were in shock for a good hour; turns out, it wasn’t Colfer. Gleeeeee with joy!

Let’s talk about how Michele celebrates her July fourth this year. By connecting with her fans, duh! It’s often that celebrities want the opportunity to open up to fans before they open up to the media—and that’s totally understandable; considering the fans make it happen for them. Michele ‘tweeted’ the following message:

“Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy”

Just moments after, the tweet was nowhere to be found. Despite the hack, it wasn’t going to ruin Michele’s day. She even cracked a joke on Twitter.

Followed by the joke, Michele wished all her fans to have a happy and fun July fourth. Aww! Bless her heart.

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